Trying New Things

Something I’m learning is that you have to try new things. You can’t wait for other people to do things with you. You can’t wait for “the right time”. You can’t care what other people will think, what they’ll say. You just have to do what you want, for you. Trying new things is part of growing up. New experiences and new people can change you and enhance your outlook on life. 

I am a pretty reserved person, not necessarily shy, but just to myself. I guess I’m introverted. This part of my personality has often held be back from activities, relationships, and experiences. At 22, i decided that I have to break out of that. I’m giving advice to others that they should do whatever they want. You are the captain of your ship. You control your life and it’s your job to grow. Growing is a journey achieveable through exploration. Good and bad moments are essential to becoming who you are.

In order to become who I want to be, who I’m destined to be, to discover who I am, I am deciding to try new things. Anything that doesn’t make me happy, better, healthier, or money can be gone. Happiness is my ultimate goal. Being content and comfortable can leave you stagnant and eventually lead to a rut. So break out!! That’s what I’m doing. 
Buy that dress. Take that trip. Make that video. Ask for that guy’s number. Live your best life!!! And don’t ever be afraid! Try new things. Just try.