Is Social Media Killing The Real You?

With the invention and popularity of a variety of social media outlets, it has become common that more people spend time on their phones than on in person social interactions. We aim to impress people we’ve never met, we want to put out a good image. We creat false personas to be idolized. And some of us follow. Following trends is no longer limited to fashion. Nowadays even thoughts are trending.

Social media, a great connector and alternative to normal media outlets, is poisoned with opinions and judgements of everyday people. Objectivity is a long forgotten concept. Comment boxes and likes destroy lives, careers, relationships, and more. It has even become difficult to differentiate between true historical facts and current news from fabricated ones. 

Social media really makes it hard for some people to have original thoughts. A Facebook/Instagram/Twitter post should not dictate your friendships, relationships, sex, or your opinion. It shouldn’t be to shame you for your lifestyle choices. There isn’t only one way to be something or do something. I also feel like some people don’t even have real opinions anymore. They just latch on to what’s trending on social media. They don’t express their true feelings out of fear of being attacked online. 
Feelings are also touchy with the emergence of social media. Faithfulness and trust often come into question with the ability to keep up with your exes, like photos of other attractive people, and express your every thought. People post about their partners when they’re angry, inviting others into their bedrooms. People post about their partners when they’re happy, inviting jealousy. They are able to keep in touch with exes, even if not on purpose. They are able to follow, like, and DM people who they find attractive. Too many ways to destroy the sacredness of a partnership.

Many people’s aspirations have been r ducked to achieving internet fame. Whether it be YouTube or Instagram, platforms that pay popular users for advertising, content, etc, it has become a job for some people. It makes it easier to become famous but harder to become skilled or valued. 

Social media is for popularity, not for love or stability. It’s not even for originality. 


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