It’s The End of Food As We Know It

What happened to normal foods? There are food flavored chips (classic NY Reuben Lays anyone?), cookies flavored like other delectable sweets (blueberry pie Oreos), burgers with buns made of ramen noodles! There are sushi burritos, rainbow bagels, birthday cake croissants, Doritos taco shells, food has gotten out of hand… Or into the hands of some mad scientist. Creativity in cuisine is at an all time high and New York City is the epicenter of these strange concoctions.

Our society is currently consumed by technology and desperate for instant gratification. Social media has made everything into a show. So it’s not entirely strange that restaurants and food distributors are creating all these new flavors and mixes. It’s constant competition. 

Companies like Oreo and Chips Ahoy are specifically known for vanilla creme filling and plenty of chocolate chips. However, amidst the emergence of cupcake and donut popularity, new cookie companies,and just a lot more options, they’ve resorted to gimmicks. Yesterday, while shopping at my local supermarket, I was shocked by how many different flavors of cookies there were! Peanut butter, blueberry pie, mint, birthday cake, red velvet, s’mores, chocolate filled cupcake, fruity crisp, and the list goes on.

In America, obesity is always a topic of discussion. The U.S cracks the top ten list of countries with highest obesity. The U.S also has high rates of heart disease and diabetes. Gluten- free products are increasingly popular and so is a vegan lifestyle. Yet and still more and more unhealthy options arise. Temptation is at its best when dining out. 

But what is a hungry girl to do? There are soooo many options in food these days. So many tantalizing brand new crossover dishes. My suggestion is when you buy those chocolate chip Oreos, is that you share with a friend. After all, sharing is caring and food makes us happy! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‹

P.S. The featured image is the “Mac & Cheese Burger” from the Ainsworth Midtown.


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