When your skin is your crime 

Here we go again…

Once again a black man has been unjustly shot and killed leaving his family and friends behind. Why does this keep happening? Why are our lives seen as disposable? Why does our very presence pose a threat? Questions that have been around since slavery, I’m sure. But still there are no sufficient answers. It’s 2016 and this racist society still has not been dismantled, nothing has changed.
Posting blacklivesmatter and the name of every victim has not and is not going to change anything. Words don’t mean much, they don’t compare to the actions taken my individuals to disprove that fact. Racism is an ideology based on a system that had stakes in the economy, social norms, legal system, education system, etc. Even millions of repost won’t change this centuries old system that is evident in basically everything.

But these hashtags and reposts do reach millions and inform them of the tragedies that occur on American soil against its own people. During the civil rights movement, the government was forced to recognize the atrocities against black people in part due to the media attention they received around the world and the solidarity and strength of blacks. The mistreatment of black people was disgusting and embarrassed the nation in the eyes of other countries. Land of the free, a hypocritical statement. All people created equal with unalienable rights, a downright lie.

The hypocrisy and lies of America have shown their ugly truths once again with the deaths of not one, but two African American men at the hands of police officers. Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, innocent at the moments of their deaths, not threats, only men with families who faced the barrel of guns blazing. Whenever these tragedies occur there is an uproar but no change, why not? What the hell can possibly be done?? I wish I had an answer.

Arguments erupt online over fault, like videos are not evidence enough. Murder. Those cops were murderers, racist pussy murderers. All police officers are not like this, some truly care for citizens and try to save us. Undoubtedly they face horror we can’t imagine, that most of us don’t know of. But if you cannot handle your job with a clear conscience, unclouded judgements, and no biases, you should NOT be doing this job. If you are afraid ofpeople who are different than you, you should NOT be doing this job. There are so many other ways these situations can be handled, without drawn guns. Suspicion doesn’t call for bullets.

Philando Castile’s murder is eerily reminiscent of the beating of Rodney King to me. Routine traffic stops become an excuse for a black man to become a punching bag or in a body bag.  It’s not fair. The most disgusting part of his death, is that it’s his girlfriend who alerts the masses. Her daughter, a four year old child, was in the car and that one cop still showed no discretion or sympathy. Asshole move.

Video evidence wasn’t enough for Rodney King, Eric Garner, etc. Live witnesses wasn’t enough for Sean Bell, Mike Brown, etc. A prayer wasn’t enough for those nine churchgoers., etc. The age of innocence wasn’t enough for Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, etc. What will be enough? When will it be enough?

I’m heartbroken, angry, and disgusted at these horrific events. I’m even more saddened by my inability to help. We’re past the times of Nat Turner, MLK, Malcolm X, and the Black Panthers. Every method of revenge, every sign of resilience has been tried and true, over and over again. What are we supposed to do now??


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